Ray Moriya's Journal

Today is the first day of the rest of your life



What are the products on a Consumer-to-Consumer platform? How does a given service bring new users into the fold? The answer is users. People base their decisions on joining or leaving a C2C platform on the attractiveness of the participants and the contents that the participants have on offer. Treating our users not only as consumers but also as suppliers should be paramount for us. The majority of C2C or social media services go down the tubes because their incentives for users, key to getting users to equip a platform with value, are inadequate. The platforms of most startups come with a fatal design "bug" in terms of incentivization. By all means, we must avoid this error. It is incumbent upon us to offer an incentive for users' work, in the same way Google and Amazon do. Google and Amazon consumers do not think of themselves as suppliers. Nevertheless, they do in fact provide data regarding their behavior and thus enhance the convenience and success of those platforms. 

What kind of moms do we want to display in our shelves and how? How can we motivate them to participate? 

These are important questions. Eliminating messaging bugs has been a real struggle for us. Even so, we can not lose sight of the fact that messaging, though important, is not a true differentiator.